My name is Bill Neill, and I'm the owner and principal photographer at Neill Photography.  Principal photographer!  Holy Cow! I'm the only photographer!  I just wanted to claim that title in case I ever hire someone that's better than me.

     I've been around film (and I mean film) for a long time.  I have a degree in Corporate Communications from the University of Baltimore and a Masters in Telecommunications Film from San Diego State University.  As a matter of fact, I taught at SDSU and Cal State Fullerton after finishing the M.A.  

     I few years ago, I decided to take my understanding of film making and transfer it into the digital age.  Understanding light is the essence of photography, so transitioning to digital was easy.   My training in magazine design and composition, coupled with my film background made still photography a natural fit.

     I've been around the block.  Shoot, I've been all over this country and lived in most areas.  I've had careers in education, corporate restaurant management and the car business.  What does this mean to you?  To be successful in either of those areas, you must be a good listener and you must like people.  I am and I do.  When you hire me, I will listen and I will hear you.  There is no substitute for experience.

     I love life and I keep it light and lively.  It should be pointed out, however, that I'm Vegan.  My call but I'm not pushing an agenda.  I only mention it here because anyone thinking of booking a wedding with me needs to know that I don't do leather albums.  That may sound silly, but not for me and not for anyone who has their heart set on leather.

     So that's me in a nutshell,  just a guy who enjoys long walks along the beach (had to drop a cliche somewhere.)   Feel free to call me for any information you require.

Peace (it's back in fashion),